Welcome to CS10 SI!

We will be using this website throughout the quarter for SI Lecture and SI Lab. The material on this website is meant to reinforce your learning for the course.

General Info


SI Leaders:

What is SI?

Supplemental Instruction is a series of weekly review sessions for students taking historically difficult courses. It offers students the chance to collaborate, discuss challenging concepts, and study for exams.

What isn’t SI?

Supplemental Instruction is not a lecture. SI Leaders are not there to teach you new material but to lead you in reviewing the material covered in lecture and to help guide you in understanding the subject.

Who should go?

Anyone who has the time to spare; whether you have been programming on the side for a number of years or if your only experience with computers is writing essays and checking Facebook, I promise you I will be able to help you learn something new that will help your perform better in the course.

However, if you are having trouble in the class or think you might run into trouble, you should definitely attend. CS 10 has a high dropout rate, along with a high failure rate, so if you are running into trouble, let me help you. Do not be intimidated if you are trying to start coming later in the quarter (though try not to wait that long), I will help bring you up to speed.


  1. Be respectful - This includes silencing your cell phones and not using them during sessions.
  2. Participate - You won’t get very much out of SI if you don’t.
  3. No food or drink besides water - This is a rule placed by the administration. I will enforce it.
  4. Late entry and early exit should be quiet - I realize everyone’s schedules are different. However, please do not enter or leave in such a way that draws everyone’s attention to you.
  5. Sign in - There will usually be a working computer for you to sign into when you arrive. Please use it to check in (even if you’re not on time).