Welcome to CS12 Supplemental Instruction!

Getting started

Supplemental instruction (SI) is a service provided to you as a CS12 student for free! SI is meant to aide students by providing them with additional resources in historically difficult classes. The SI sessions are taught by undergraduate students who aced the course. If you are in a learning community, attendance is mandatory. SI sessions are however open to all students enrolled in the course.

Structure of SI

SI will meet twice a week; a 1-hour discussion reviewing course material and a 2-hour lab where you will apply the course material. The SI leader will be the same for both sessions.


  • Be respectful and participate!
  • Sign in at the start of each section

SI Leaders

Omar Peraza

Section 10

  • Discussion: Mondays, 1PM - 2PM, Chung 127
  • Lab: Wednesdays, 12AM - 2PM, Chung 127

Guthrie Price

Section 11

  • Discussion: Mondays, 11AM - 12PM, Chung 127
  • Lab: Wednesdays, 10AM - 12PM, Chung 127

Andre Castro

Section 12

  • Discussion: Mondays, 12PM - 1PM, Chung 127
  • Lab: Tuesdays, 12PM - 2PM, Chung 127

John Pham

Section 13


  • Discussion: Mondays, 3PM - 4PM, Chung 127
  • Lab: Wednesdays, 3PM - 5PM, Chung 127

Abe Hu

Open Session

  • Discussion 1: Mondays, 3Pm - 4PM, Surge 158
  • Discussion 2: Fridays, 3PM - 4PM, Surge 158